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July 26, 2005
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City Work by pandaemas City Work by pandaemas
Well finally it's done.

This piece is wall paper sized, 1024x768, and yes, as you can see, it's pixel art. Did it in 2 weeks, took about 4-5 hours a day. Many of the buildings are a pain, and I don't think there are any identical buildings there. The trees are also very hard, and well.. it's killing my eyes.

I am very happy that it is finished now, which means I can move on to making other works, instead of just dwelling in this project hehehe. :D

I would like to personally thank =howling because I am actually following his "style" of pixel art. I would also like to thank =budgieishere for letting me use his anfiled stadium as a reference.

There you go, it's done finally... :excited:

Enjoy it! I know I do! :D

27/07/05 *EDIT*: I changed all the trees, I can assure you now =ryan-gfx that it is pixelated hehe. Thank you for pointing out though seriously... the colour count is down to 922, but hell that's alot more than I thought. I guess I should've used existing colours instead of just taking a random colour from the colour bar. I'll re-edit it again soon. :)

28/07/05 *EDIT*: Minor changes. I found out as well that previously I turned it into GIF and dithered it a bit. Turned out dithering into GIF exploded my colours. My actual colors are only 522... then turned out to be 1700 something as ryan mentioned. Now it's down to 922, will need to fix it more. :(

28/07/05 *EDIT*: A more major editing. I downsized the colours to about 500ish I think, much better than it was at first. I never should've dithered it in anyway and resize whatever. Added some underground items. And yes, that's a giant's fossil.. :D

28/07/05 *EDIT*: Major editing, color is now 260. :) As low as I can go I think. :D
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Arredie-cz Apr 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh.. O.O It is famous :3
marvelous! I love the colors!
absolutely amazing!!!

lol mother board
nice pixelnya,, :clap:
berminat naro submission di majalah gw ga? =D
keren mas.. gw jg mw nyoba pixel art nih..
mohon bimbingannya dong.. =D=D=D
saya watch mas,watch balik ya..
My friend, if I may ask, how do you get this .Gif to show up? I keep subbmitting a .Gif and dA refuses to show anything but the preview image until I click download. Please do help. I love your art and your usericon btw.
Thank you all for the generous comments - well I think there are more work better than this that deserves a DD. I didn't even think I would deserve compliments from you all! Thanks a bunch!
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